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Supervised Learning

作為NVIDIA Inception Program 合作夥伴,IREd設計一系列人工智能課程。透過NVIDIA Jetson Nano 學習套件,讓學生能從「動手做」學習活動中,學習人工智能概論及機器學習中的監督式學習,體驗收集數據及標籤數據,並配合邊緣裝置及感測器,以製作出可進行物件辨識、偵測與人臉識別,甚至能追蹤物品的裝置。

As an NVIDIA Inception Program partner, IRED has designed a series of artificial intelligence courses. Through the NVIDIA Jetson Nano learning kit, students can learn the basics of AI and supervised learning in machine learning through hands-on learning activities. They can also experience collecting and labeling data, and use edge devices and sensors to create devices that can perform object recognition, detection, facial recognition, and even track items.


Course Content

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  1. 認識機器學習—監督式學習
    Understanding Machine Learning - Supervised Learning


  2. 體驗收集數據、標籤數據、訓練模型和部署模型,使無人駕駛汽車能辨識物件、自動避開障礙物和沿路線行走
    Gain experience in enabling driverless vehicles to automatically recognise objects, avoid obstacles and follow routes by collecting data, labelling data, training models and deploying models


  3. 學習編寫程式(Python) 的概念和程式除錯,加強編程能力,訓練解難能力
    Learn programming concepts and debugging to improve programming and problem solving skills

NVIDIA Jetbot and JetRacer

Other Applicatons

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