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Bett UK 2024

Jan 24 - 26

The three-day exhibition ended so quickly!

Thank you to educators and educational companies worldwide for your interest in the iREd Smart Learning Suite - Health Kit! iREd strongly believes in applying student work to real-life situations. By learning to write mobile apps, students can create the most appropriate health mobile apps for their families, record data, and better understand their health.

We also thank the students from the four secondary schools who came to our booth to display the mobile apps they developed. Each one has different applications, added different functions, and demonstrated the unlimited possibilities of the health kit!

At the same time, We are very grateful to Dr Choi Yuk-lin, JP, Secretary for Education for visiting our booth and allowing students to share how their programmed applications connect to the Health Kit and collect health data! We believe this is a valuable experience for the students!

#Thankyou #Phoenix Satellite TV, for filming and introducing the health kit

#and we look forward to the report.

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